Brain Training For Dogs Review 2020: Is it Just Another Scam?

Brain Training For Dogs Review 2020: Is it Just Another Scam?

Brain Training For Dogs Review 2020: Is it Just Another Scam?

Being a Dog Owner and Lover, I really Adore Pets and Especially Dogs. I love it when they show Gestures of Love towards you when they come and Jump on you after we return back to our House from Work or Trip.

I know Every one of You Loves it. Isn’t it?

Dogs are the Most Famous kind of Pets that Humans Like to Keep and Adopt and do you know why?

That’s Because They Are Super Intelligent and Understand Human Feelings Best.

They get to know that their Master is in Trouble or whether he’s in a good mood right now or not. And also, They are 100% Loyal.

All This Aside, Pet Dogs also have Some Problems, They can Be Behavioral or Related to Food, Sleep, Body or anything else.

No Dog is Perfect and every Dog has any Problem in any Field or anything he or she is Struggling with. Most of the Time it’s their Owner that struggles the Most.

What is Brain Training For Dogs Training?

The Most Important Thing about Brain Training 4 Dogs and the thing that I Liked the Most is that it is a Force Free Training. You don’t need to force your dog in any way or hurt him in any way. Just as the Name Suggests ” Brain Training”.

Before Buying This Course I used to feel that Dogs must be Trained by Showing Dominance or some kind where they are forced to do something in order to avoid any certain Punishment. That’s why I didn’t want to Train my Dog, Lol Foolish Me.

Due To Force-Free Training and Positive reinforcement, Dogs Feel Increased Thinking Capacity and Their Intelligence gets Increased as well. I Bought Adrienne Farricelli’s Course for 60$ Though Now its Cheaper with the link below.

Brain Training For Dogs

Click Here To Visit Brain Training For Dogs Official Site

What is Inside Brain Training For Dogs Training Course?

I bought this Dog Training Program at 20% Off as I had got a Secret Discount coupon via a link someone posted on a Dog forum I was part of. Here is the link to that Free Discount Coupon.

As soon as I Paid for the course, I got my login details via email. Below is the image of the homepage of the member’s login area which had solutions not only to all kinds of problems I had with my Heidi but also to every kind of problem that any dog can face in his lifespan.

Be it any Behavioral Problem or Lifestyle problem, Adrienne Farricelli has solutions for each and every problem in this Training program.

You can clearly observe in the image above that there are 6 categories in the Menu section of this area. They are:-

Dog Training and Courses
Puppy Training
Behavior Problems
Adrienne’s Archives
Case Studies

Brain Training For Dogs

Click Here To Visit Brain Training For Dogs Official Site

Who will be Benefited From this Brain Training for Dogs program?

Obviously, Dog Owners like me and Ricky are the ones that would get Their Problem Solved. Now Let me Clarify it, There are Some very Good Techniques and Ways of Training your Dog into a “Good Dog” but there is no Magic in this World.

You have to be Mentally Prepared with the Psychology that This isn’t a Magic Wound and you would need Patience and Dedication To Learn These Unique Techniques of Dog Training and then do the Hard Work with your Dog. Your Dog will not start listening to you in a Fortnight, So Be Patient and Continue Working Hard.

Dog Training takes time but it is all Worth it as it will not only save you from Embarrassment or having to Control your Dog all the Time but also Save you Money that you would need to pay Any Dog Trainer or other Expenses ( In my Case it was Doctors Expense and that Expensive Cream to get rid of Teeth Marks ).

Also, anyone who has a dog suffering from any kind of behavioral problems like Barking, Jumping, Separation Anxiety, Leash Pulling and Biting or anything else should really try this mind-blowing dog training course. Brain Training for Dogs has been proved to be working even for puppy training and agility training.

If your dog doesn’t pay attention to you while training or just keeps staring at you while you are instructing him to obey your commands, there are chances that he is not understanding what you want him to do.

This is mainly due to his brain not able to capture what’s his parents trying to do. Brain Training for dogs really proves to be game-changer here. By mentally stimulating his brain, he is able to have an idea that you are instructing him to do something and he is able to follow you after some time.

That’s why I highly recommend you to go for this course as it not only trains your dog’s mind, it also helps you to make him get rid of other bad behaviors. Grab the course at 20% OFF before it’s too late.

Brain Training For Dogs

Click Here To Visit Brain Training For Dogs Official Site

Who is the author?

Adrienne Farricelli is not a scammer person and this dog training system is not a fake product. Adrienne Farricelli is a Professional CPDT-KA Certified Dog Trainer living in Arizona. She is passionate about dogs and absolutely loves what she does in the Dogs Training Obedience field. She is the creator of many Amusing Dog Games. Her work has been featured in several well-known publications including USA Today and Every dog Magazine Review.

She is a former veterinary hospital assistant, certified dog trainer, behavior consultant, and author of “Brain Training for Dogs Book“. Now she has condensed all her expertise into this Training eBook For dog masters. She is a proud dog owner and has used efficient methods and new games to train her dogs to be intelligent and smarter.

Click Here To Visit Brain Training For Dogs Official Site

smart dog intelligence

Adrienne Farricelli has always been a strong advocate for friendlier training methods. She has been writing for Hubpages, Daily Pub, Nest Pets, Paw Nation, Ehow, … So Adrienne Farricelli is someone you can trust and learn from many tips and advice for dog obedience training.

How does Brain Training For Dogs Training Works?

This Program is all About The Bonding and Trust that you and your Dog Will Share when you get into Training Phase. It Depends on the Way you start teaching him. As I said, at First you need to Be Patient And Gradually you will Observe Changes in your Dog’s Behavior that will make all the Hard Work worth all the Time you Invested.

So, at First Though you would need to Gain your Dog’s Trust and you will keep giving him Rewards(Treats) and Praises or Love when he Does Something that you say. As you keep Praising and Showing Love Towards your Dog as he Achieves Something that you instructed him, he will feel Motivated and work Harder Next Time.

This Course Teaches how you can do all this…From Building Trust in your Dogs Eyes to Slowly Make him or she Follow your command and then Going from Easy Tasks to Harder Ones Slowly and Smoothly.

Adrienne Farricelli also Busted a Myth in Brain Training for Dogs that Old Dogs cant Learn New Tricks. She Showed us Some Unique Techniques and ways by which you can also Train an Elder Dog. ( Like I Trained Heidi )

The Methods Taught by Adrienne Farricelli are Just Awesome and I believe they are Best in the World. Her Charming Personality will make you Mesmerized Towards her and I guess Dogs get as well ( That’s Why They Follow her

Brain Training For Dogs

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Do Brain Training 4 Dogs Really work?

The Simple Answer to it is YES, It Works. Heidi Changed a Lot. Being an aggressive Female Dog to a Calm one. From Biting me Deliberately to now Playing with me in a Gentle Manner, She Understands My Emotions Clearly now and She knows what her owner Wants from her.

She is Pretty Intelligent Now and Calmer as well. I will tell you More About Heidi and also That Shocking Fact I Told you in the Starting of the Article.

Yes, this Training Course Worked for me. I am Super Satisfied with this and I know anyone who will be Patient to Learn and work hard towards Improving Bad Habits of his or her Dog can Achieve what I Achieved.

The Author Teaches you what to use In Treats and Rewards, her Techniques of Training are Just out of this World and She will Really Make you a Good Dog Trainer if Not a Professional One.

Brain Training 4 Dogs Course Structure

The course recently had a revamp and now features a much easier to follow the layout as well as video modules. In the past, some of the lessons were mainly written so the addition of video is extremely welcome.

The course is very straightforward to navigate since it is laid out in a step-by-step order, which means you can pick up where you left off at any time with ease.

In total, there are 5-course modules to follow:

Module 1: Getting Started

Module 2: Obedience Training 101

Module 3: Polishing Up Training

Module 4: Brain Training (the main course)

Brain Training For Dogs

Click Here To Visit Brain Training For Dogs Official Site

How Much Does Brain Training For Dogs Cost?

This is an important question and after navigating the incredibly long sales pitch for the course, I fully expected it to cost a lot.

When evaluating the cost of any training program there are many factors to take into account, is the program easy to follow, what is the time commitment, what is the experience of the trainer, what are the methods, is there support?

Since the program is set out like the school system, I thought it would be fun to grade the course based on my criteria! So, let’s explore these considerations in more detail and give my final verdict to conclude my Brain Training For Dogs review!

 Is it easy to follow?

A self-training program needs to be easy to follow with clear directions that make sense. Since there isn’t a trainer there to answer questions, clarity is key. Just like people, not all dogs will learn in the same way and a good, experienced trainer presents information in bite-sized pieces that progress in difficulty.

The course information is clearly presented, therefore I’m presenting it an easy to follow the score of A.

Brain Training For Dogs

Click Here To Visit Brain Training For Dogs Official Site

What is the time commitment?

Let’s face it, most of us don’t have all day to spend on dog training and reinforcing training. We have jobs, families, chores, and hobbies. An effective training program breaks lessons down into 10-15 minute sessions so they can be easily added to a busy life.

With lessons broken down into quickly-paced games, I give this course a time commitment grade of A.

Is it taught by an experienced trainer whose methods I agree with?
A dog being trained is a big factor when I review any dog training program, so Brain Training For Dogs, is no different!

As a teacher of many, many group classes, I always stress the importance of being comfortable with the methods being used.

The reality is, some people are uncomfortable with certain methods so it’s vital your ethics align with the trainer you choose. If you disagree with a trainers’ philosophy, you’re likely to quit training.

Adrienne’s methods are science-based and positive. She does not use any harsh training techniques and always keeps the focus on what will help the dog to learn.

She also has a great deal of experience that she has backed up with certification. With that in mind, I give this an experienced trainer grade of A.

Is there personalized support?

Every dog- and every dog person- learns in their own way. Therefore, a one-size-fits-all approach to dog training rarely works. Unless, of course, it’s a conditioning approach, such as Brain Training for Dogs, and patience is used!

Brain Training For Dogs Brain Training For Dogs

Pro’s of This Dog Training Course

As I Said Earlier, This Training is a Force-Free Training, Hence only Techniques of Positive Reinforcements are Used which is a Plus Point of this Brain Training.
The Author of This Training has an Experience of 10 Years and She is a Professional Dog Trainer. She has Trained Thousands of Dogs, both Elder and Younger. Hence she has a whole list of Techniques Methods to Train your Dog to become a Good Dog.
This Training is Very Easy to Learn and all Dog Owners who want to Train their Dog can Easily get the Methods Taught inside Brain Training 4 Dogs
Adrienne Farricelli has Provided Tons of Useful Information and Content on Dog Training in the form of PDF and Videos. You Will Not Get Bored while Reading her Techniques and how She Controls Dogs
They offer a Money Back Guarantee so Unsatisfied Customers can get Their Money Back. This Ensures that Customer Really gets what she wants and not some Crap. So What Stops you From Trying This Course?

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